08 June 2007 Friday

07 June 2007 Thursday

06 June 2007 Wednesday

05 June 2007 Tuesday

04 June 2007 Monday

  • Homosexuals Regret Lack of Representation
    Homosexuals complain that their rights are being ignored by political parties again. They are looking for candidates to represent their problems ......
  • Women Seek Voice in Parliament
    Women are stil underrepresented in parliament, says the Association for the Support and Education of Women Candidates (Ka-Der). Association members are ......
  • Left and Kurds Prepare for Parliament
    As 4 June is the deadline for the announcement of parliamentary candidates, most groups have decided on their choices. Groups on ......

01 June 2007 Friday

31 May 2007 Thursday

30 May 2007 Wednesday

  • Diplomatic Response to US Airspace Violation
    The recent violation of Turkish airspace by an American fighter plane has caused an increase in diplomatic activity between the two ......
  • More News from the Election Front
    The names of possible independent election candidates from the left are emerging. The left and the pro-Kurdish DTP are collaborating in ......
  • Police Regaining Vast Powers
    A provisional law which would give the police greater freedoms in searching, using guns, collecting personal information, archiving and using it, ......
  • Criminals of Thought Came Together
    The 5th Istanbul Meeting for Freedom of Expression which took place from 26-27 May at Istanbul Bilgi University ended with a ......

29 May 2007 Tuesday

28 May 2007 Monday

  • President Sezer Vetoes Constitutional Change
    Arguing that the proposed changes to the constitution in relation to presidential elections would bring about a change in system, President ......
  • No Article 301 Exists in Europe
    Although the government does not cease to claim that European countries have articles similar to Article 301 of the Turkish constitution, ......
  • Media Speculate on Army Intervention to Iraq
    Government politicians comments on a possible military operation in Northern Iraq, and the militarys reply to these comments have created speculation ......
  • Trade Unionist Teacher Killed
    The teachers trade union Egitim-Sen has voiced suspicions that the murder of one of its members, literature teacher Deprem Sarikas, last ......
  • Anthropologists Discuss Europeanness
    Turkish and foreign social scientists came together in Istanbul this weekend to discuss the concept of Europe from an anthropological perspective. ......

25 May 2007 Friday

24 May 2007 Thursday

23 May 2007 Wednesday

22 May 2007 Tuesday

21 May 2007 Monday

  • Prof. Oran: Turkey in a Tunnel of Fear
    In a talk in Izmir, political scientist Prof. Dr. Baskin Oran called for anewed discussion of many concepts in Turkey. He ......
  • Homosexuals Fed Up with Media Bias
    At the Second International Meeting against Homophobia in Ankara this week, representatives of gay and lesbian NGOs have criticised the medias ......
  • More Trials Under Article 301
    The trial of three writers of the leftist Ülkede Özgür Gündem newspaper continues. Journalist Hozatli insists on his right to criticise ......
  • More Questions in Hrant Dink Investigation
    An investigation of phone calls made by suspects in the Hrant Dink case has revealed hidden connections between suspects, a gendarmerie ......

18 May 2007 Friday

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01 May 2007 Tuesday

  • May Day Under Chains
    According to economist Yılmaz and Prof. Dr. Ercan, the government, the opposition, the military, and the capital agree on keeping labor ......
  • BİA² Media Report: A Sober Press Freedom Day
    In first three months of the year, four new cases from article 301 of the Penal Code launched while journalists mourn ......
  • Police Crashes May Day Rally
    More than 900 people have been battered and arrested by the police trying to hold a May Day rally in Istanbul. ......

30 April 2007 Monday

29 April 2007 Sunday

  • Thousands Urge: Government, Sign Kyoto!
    Activists present 168 000 signatures to the parliamentary comission on global warming, and urge the government sign the Treaty. Turkey contributes ......