10 August 2004 Tuesday

  • Women Ask for Shelters
    The Metropolitan Municipality responded to shelter demands by saying it will support a womens shelter opened by the Human Resources Development ......

06 August 2004 Friday

05 August 2004 Thursday

04 August 2004 Wednesday

03 August 2004 Tuesday

02 August 2004 Monday

29 July 2004 Thursday

  • EU Inspired Laws Remain on Paper
    The number of detentions increase as prosecutions decrease after the adoption of the Seventh Reform Package to broaden the right to ......

28 July 2004 Wednesday

26 July 2004 Monday

23 July 2004 Friday

22 July 2004 Thursday

19 July 2004 Monday

14 July 2004 Wednesday

  • Kids for FreedomBrings Children to Marmaris
    63 children from six different countries, all from economically disadvantaged families and suffering from psychological problems, came to Marmaris through an ......
  • Court of Appeals Turns DEP Sentences
    Turkish Supreme Court of Appeals overturned on Wednesday conviction of four former Democracy Party deputies including Leyla Zana, Orhan Dogan, Hatip ......
  • Torture Cases Decreasing
    Of 139 complaints filed with the Prime Ministry Human Rights Department over the past six months, only seven of the cases ......

13 July 2004 Tuesday

12 July 2004 Monday

  • Can Turkey Digest Reforms?
    It is unfortunate that the ECHR in its recent decision sustaining the headscarf ban in Turkish universities has fully adopted the ......
  • Wedding of the Year: East & West Together
    Prime Minister Erdogans daughter got married with Berat Albayrak, the son of correspondent Sadik Albayrak. About 7,000 guests, including Jordanian King ......

08 July 2004 Thursday

07 July 2004 Wednesday

06 July 2004 Tuesday

05 July 2004 Monday

02 July 2004 Friday

01 July 2004 Thursday

30 June 2004 Wednesday

29 June 2004 Tuesday

  • Radyo Dunya Can get Disbanded
    DGM asked the Industry and Commerce Ministry to disband a company that owns Radyo Dunya. The radio is being sued for ......
  • Turkey to Train Iraqi Police
    Turkey, who assumed responsibility within the framework of the decision made by NATO, will train the Iraqi police. The training is ......
  • Scheffer: New forces in Afganistan in 6 Weeks
    De Hoop Scheffer and Afghan President Hamid Karzai held a joint news conference on the second day of NATO Summit. Scheffer ......
  • Women Writers Protest NATO
    The Turkey PEN Women Writers Committee announced their opposition to war and all initiatives in support of war. We are protesting ......
  • Police Intervenes in NATO Protest
    Police fired chemical gas on the group, which had gathered in protest of the NATO summit. We wont remain silent as ......

28 June 2004 Monday

24 June 2004 Thursday

  • Global BAK: Dont Let Bush into Parliament
    Global BAK participants mailed postcards to members of the parliament. The postcards had photographs of torture in Iraq. Dont let Bush ......
  • Explosion in Ankara
    Noting that anybody had not yet claimed the responsibility for the explosion, Aksu said that marginal, small scale terrorist organizations staged ......
  • Bus Bombing in Istanbul
    A bomb exploded on public bus in the Capa district of Istanbul, killing three and injuring 21. The blast reportedly occurred ......
  • Journalist Relagated Ahead of NATO Summit
    According to journalists, TRT reporter Demirs temporary appointment to Erzurum amounts to an exile. We will show our reaction as TGC, ......

23 June 2004 Wednesday

22 June 2004 Tuesday

  • Trial for Education in Mother Tongues
    Aygun, head of the Tunceli Bar, is standing trial for getting people chant slogans during Newroz celebrations. He says he did ......
  • A Bird Not To Fly Over NATO
    F-16s will patrol the skies, and ground any object that violates the air space prohibition. Beginning to west of Bakirkoy, it ......
  • Monitoring Process Ends
    The Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe AKPM is expacted to terminate the monitoring process which it imposed on Turkey ......
  • Erdogan: Go Home Era Has Ended
    PM Erdogan addressed those who opposed to the NATO Summit saying, The mentality of Go home should be overcome. He said ......

21 June 2004 Monday

17 June 2004 Thursday

15 June 2004 Tuesday

10 June 2004 Thursday

09 June 2004 Wednesday

08 June 2004 Tuesday

07 June 2004 Monday

04 June 2004 Friday

  • PEN Centers Warn USA and Israel
    Delegates from PEN centers participated in Barcelona Forum 2004 signed petitions for freedom of expression and human rights in Iraq and ......

03 June 2004 Thursday

  • Way of High Tribunal To Former P.M.
    If Parliament approved the decision of the investigation commission, former Prime Minister Mesut Yilmaz and state minister Gunes Taner will stand ......
  • How Reader Feels Comfortable?
    Director General of WAN Timothy Balding talked about how the written press would be affected by the Internet and rapidly developing ......

02 June 2004 Wednesday

01 June 2004 Tuesday

31 May 2004 Monday

28 May 2004 Friday

26 May 2004 Wednesday

  • Ways to Prevent Partner Rape
    Experts at the Association of Sexual Education, Treatment and Research (CETAD) national congress said partner rape remains as secret partly because ......
  • A Big Baby is Born Out of Bans on Thought!
    Human rights activists compiled a voluminous book out of regulations that limit the freedom of thought. The Initiative Against Crimes of ......
  • Two Sentences Infringe Press Freedom
    RSF has protested jailing of a journalist for insulting the memory of Ataturk - founder of the Turkish Republic. Former editorialist ......

25 May 2004 Tuesday