22 November 2002 Friday

21 November 2002 Thursday

  • Children Have a Day, But No Rights
    21 percent of children work; 62.6 are subjected to violence; there are a million 400 thousand disabled children; children constitute 10 ......

20 November 2002 Wednesday

19 November 2002 Tuesday

18 November 2002 Monday

16 November 2002 Saturday

14 November 2002 Thursday

13 November 2002 Wednesday

  • Conscientious Objector Taken to Hospital
    Conscientious objector Bal, started a death fast claiming he was tortured. He was taken to an Ankara military hospital as his ......
  • Political Landslide In Turkey?
    Turkish voters punished the governing parties and pinned their hopes on Islamists and Erdoğan, Kurdish voters in big towns didnt vote ......
  • HRW to Honor Sanar Yurdatapan
    The 2002 Human Rights Watch Annual Dinners in New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco will honor two other human rights ......

12 November 2002 Tuesday

11 November 2002 Monday

08 November 2002 Friday

  • Neither Division, Nor Enosis
    KTOS head Sorakin, said that committees agreed on during the New York talks were not yet formed because of Denktashs illness. ......
  • What Working Class May Expect From AKP
    AKP promised the IMF, along with the capital-holders, to be loyal to Turkeys current economic program. It will be very difficult ......

07 November 2002 Thursday

06 November 2002 Wednesday

  • AKP: Yes for EU, No For US
    AKP supports Turkeys EU membership. The party is against a military strike by the U.S. against Iraq. AKP does not touch ......
  • Temp
    Yazı bitince yalnızca "Dosya/Kaydet" yapalım ve çıkalım. Başka işlem gerekmez. .. .. ...

05 November 2002 Tuesday

  • 18 -16 = 2
    The parties that defended the 10 percent threshold level fell victims to the threshold. Out of 18 parties that were able ......
  • Arithmetic of the Political Seism in Turkey
    Rise in votes and seats and two principal reasons of the political upheaval. The elimination of the traditional parties in Parliament ......

04 November 2002 Monday

30 October 2002 Wednesday

  • HRW: Turkey Fails Displaced Villagers
    Many villagers told Human Rights Watch that the authorities would give them permission to return only if they signed statements absolving ......
  • Torture Still Systematic in Turkey
    Lawyers Keskin and Karakas recounted what S.Y. and N.C. went through under detention in September: They now use methods that are ......
  • Women Candidates Denounce Rape
    Tas from ODP, The decision encourages torturers and rapists, Selek from DEHAP, Social establishments are male, Turenc from ANAP, The law ......

26 October 2002 Saturday

  • AGJPB Against the Indictment of Ozguden
    The Belgian Union of Professional Journalists (AGJPB), on October 23, 2002, officially protested against the indictment of Dogan Özgüden, Info-Türk chief ......

23 October 2002 Wednesday

  • European Union Still Too Far
    After failing to be recommended for membership of the European Union, Turkey is clinging to faint hopes that the EU Council ......

21 October 2002 Monday

  • Iran and Turkey Resign Gas Agreement
    Turkish Energy Minister Zeki Cakan and his Iranian counterpart Bijan Namdar Zanganeh told reporters they were satisfied with the results of ......

18 October 2002 Friday

17 October 2002 Thursday

15 October 2002 Tuesday

14 October 2002 Monday

10 October 2002 Thursday

09 October 2002 Wednesday

08 October 2002 Tuesday

07 October 2002 Monday

01 October 2002 Tuesday

28 September 2002 Saturday

  • EC Representative to Turkey Starts
    Ambassador Hansjörg Kretschmer, Head of the European Commission Representation to Turkey, officially assumed his duties today after he handed over the ......
  • Turkey, Armenia, Azerbaijan Journalists
    On September 20-24 in the vicinity of Turkish Kusadasi town the final third meeting of the Armenian, Azerbaijan and Turkish journalists ......

27 September 2002 Friday

24 September 2002 Tuesday

19 September 2002 Thursday

  • Amnestys Report on Turkey
    Amnesty Internationals recent report on Turkey reads: Freedom of expression,freedom of association, human rights defenders, torture and pre-trial detention, impunity, judiciary ......
  • EU Warned of Torture in Turkey
    Amnesty Internationals letter to Günter Verheugen Commissioner for Enlargement of European Commission: Forthcoming assessment of Turkeys progress towards fulfilling the Copenhagen ......
  • Women in Turkish Politics
    Pro-Islamist Vakit newspaper columnist Erarslan: Women are not fully represented in the Parliament. The deputy candidate lists include elite women instead ......

17 September 2002 Tuesday

16 September 2002 Monday

  • Children Speak Out
    The children of public workers listed their demands at the protest by the Mersin branch platform of KESK: We want free ......

13 September 2002 Friday

  • Women Discuss Women in Politics
    Seyman, Karakus, Boyali and Sancar, talks about womens roles in the political parties: We are very active, but we cant come ......
  • Diyarbakir-Istanbul Art Network
    The people in Diyarbakir embraced Serhat Adas words during the Art Centers opening: People always talk about we and they, there ......

12 September 2002 Thursday

10 September 2002 Tuesday

09 September 2002 Monday

07 September 2002 Saturday

06 September 2002 Friday

03 September 2002 Tuesday

31 August 2002 Saturday

30 August 2002 Friday

  • Serbesti Magazine Confiscated
    The State Security Court ordered the confiscation of the Fall 2002 issue of Serbesti Magazine, saying that it disseminated separatist propaganda. ......
  • Denktas-Clerides Talks In the Eyes Of South
    Cypriot Fileleftheros Newspaper wrote that Annan would put forward an ultimatum-like solution proposal. Haravgi newspaper said that Denktas and Clerides talked ......

29 August 2002 Thursday

26 August 2002 Monday

  • Kurdish Students Will Return to School
    The National Security Council decided in its last meeting that the students,who were expelled for signing petitions demanding Kurdish lessons, could ......
  • Joint Irrigation Project With Syria
    Syria and Turkey signed a joint communiqué of projects of regional development, irrigation and agriculture. During a four-day visit, the group ......
  • The Journalist Demands to be Tried Again
    Journalist Kizilyaprak of the closed-down Ozgur Bakis, will apply to the attorney generalship. He demands to be retried under the deregulated ......
  • Dev- Yol Trial Continues for 22 Years
    The Revoluatarny path Dev-Yol trial continues even after 22 years. Opened under the Military rule, the case comprises 723 Dev-Yol affilates ......

20 August 2002 Tuesday

19 August 2002 Monday

17 August 2002 Saturday

  • Journalism Challenges to Turkey
    Journalism and The Human Rights Challenge to Turkey. Report of the IFJ / EFJ Mission to Turkey in April 26-30 April, ......

15 August 2002 Thursday

14 August 2002 Wednesday

13 August 2002 Tuesday

12 August 2002 Monday

  • Strike at Incirlik Air Base
    Incirlik American Air Bases Turkish workers are on strike with demands of a pay rise. This is the fifth labor strike ......
  • Locals Debate on Media Freedom
    Its thought that the EU-reforms are positive yet inadequate. According to the local media organizations, it depends on implementation. Kara from ......

10 August 2002 Saturday

  • Sokaktan
    Istanbul - Mustafa Ocaklioglu (30),works in the tourism sector: Abolishing death penalty is a positive step. Kurdish is already being ......