24 May 2004 Monday

  • Center to Protect Children
    Meltem Yatagan, the spokeswoman for the Childrens Friends Study Group, said they were working to set up a Child Protection Center. ......

21 May 2004 Friday

20 May 2004 Thursday

19 May 2004 Wednesday

18 May 2004 Tuesday

  • Saturday Mothers Demand Justice
    523 people went missing in Turkey under detention. The Saturday Mothers, who had their weekly vigil in front of the Galatasaray ......

17 May 2004 Monday

14 May 2004 Friday

  • First Kurdish Film on Gun TV
    Gun TV broadcasted a Kurdish film with Turkish subtitles for the first time. TVs chair Dogan said they broadcasted the program ......
  • AKP and the General Staff arent Democratic
    Religious high schools should accept students according to the need for imams and preachers, said Dr. Kozanoglu. YOK should be abolished ......
  • No Names with the Letter X
    IHD deputy head Keskins request to change her name to Xezal, and Bicicis request to change her name to Xece. were ......
  • DGM System Should not Stay Same
    Prof. Dr. Azrak said, If the specialty courts to be set up to replace DGMs have the same trial system as ......

13 May 2004 Thursday

  • Religious Leaders Meet in Mardin for Peace
    The second International Symposium of Religions and Peace in the Light of the Common Ancestor (Abraham) (Harran Meetings), organized by Intercultural ......
  • Latest Constitutional Amendments are Positive
    Amendments to article 90 placed international human rights law above internal law, said Professor Uskul. This is important in making the ......
  • Turkeys Image Damaged
    Leading European dailies said that there was a dangerous quarrel between the Turkish government and the army, Turkey underwent its deepest ......

11 May 2004 Tuesday

07 May 2004 Friday

06 May 2004 Thursday

  • TCK Draft should Change
    The lower commission is finalizing its studies on the TCK draft. Womens groups demand that articles in the draft law on ......
  • Police Solidarity
    4 police officers who beat up and detained two youths who were shouting, we want jobs, were released. Police officers supported ......

05 May 2004 Wednesday

04 May 2004 Tuesday

  • Journalist Wants his Camera Back
    The gendarme report in the case against DIHA reporter Hakan, disproves the police statements. Hakans camera was seized as he was ......

03 May 2004 Monday

30 April 2004 Friday

29 April 2004 Thursday

28 April 2004 Wednesday

  • Women Want a United Cyprus
    We have not been able to create a consciousness of a common homeland, said Uludag. According to Azgin, Turkish Cypriots joins ......

27 April 2004 Tuesday

26 April 2004 Monday

23 April 2004 Friday

22 April 2004 Thursday

  • Denktas: May God Cherish Russia!
    TRNC President Rauf Denktas said May God Cherish Russia after Russia vetoed the draft resolution about Cyprus, at the UN Security ......

21 April 2004 Wednesday

20 April 2004 Tuesday

19 April 2004 Monday

16 April 2004 Friday

  • Boss Story Bothers Journalists
    According to a survey conducted among 223 journalists, almost all interviewed are bothered by the Media-Politics-Money relationship. Thirty-three percent said they ......
  • European Social Forum Prepares in Istanbul
    The last preparatory meeting ahead of Octobers European Social Forum in London will be held in Istanbul. Representatives from all over ......
  • Denktas: We Are Losing Cyprus For All
    When Turkish Cypriot President Rauf Denktas delivered a speech (of 1.5 hours) at the general assembly of Parliament, many cabinet minister, ......

15 April 2004 Thursday

  • IHD Calls on Justice Ministry to Take Action
    IHD said the reports given by Forensic Medical Institution to Wernicke Korsakoff patients werent in line with ethics. It called on ......
  • Verheugen: Closer Than Ever
    Gunther Verheugen in todays High-level preparatory Donors Conference to support the comprehensive settlement of the Cyprus Problem said there is this ......
  • Sezer: MGK Decisions Were Exceeded
    President Ahmet Necdet Sezer broke his silence over Cyprus for the first time. He announced that the National Security Board MGK ......
  • Peaces Close to Us, Enmitys Among Leaders
    Bi-communal choir member Derya said her Greekcypriot friends she saw at the demonstration were upset about AKELs decision. Teacher Aygin talked ......
  • Dean Bans Magazine he cant Understand
    Communication School Dean Prof. Dr. Comak banned the Amigra magazine saying he did not understand the Kurdish and Armenian articles. He ......
  • Honor and Freedom of Expression
    Its ironic that these events coincide with discussions that Turkish Penal Code is discriminative against women, especially with the use of ......

14 April 2004 Wednesday

13 April 2004 Tuesday

  • Women Cafe
    It was not a smoky one like the typical Turkish cafes; contrarily I met a wonderful flower smell. It was obvious ......
  • Womens Films Festivals have Met in Paris
    There were festivals from Germany, Italy, Spain, Sweden and France, and we as Flying Broom represented Turkey in the meeting of ......
  • Istanbul Gathers Islamic Worlds Democrats
    The development of a democratic culture in Islamic countries, is the target of the U.S. Greater Middle East Project (GMP) and ......

12 April 2004 Monday

09 April 2004 Friday

08 April 2004 Thursday

07 April 2004 Wednesday

06 April 2004 Tuesday

05 April 2004 Monday

  • Yes: What a Joyful Word
    15 Turkish Cypriot and Greek Cypriot poets came together to use their imagination and work on a common poem: We decided ......

31 March 2004 Wednesday

  • Karayalcin: Barzanis Blow on Us!
    Karayalcin, the SHP leader which led the Union of Democratic Powers, attributed the failure of the Alliance in attaining even the ......

30 March 2004 Tuesday

  • Police Brutally Beat Nine Journalists
    Reporters Without Borders has protested after police beat nine journalists who were covering the crushing of a demonstration against electoral fraud ......

29 March 2004 Monday

26 March 2004 Friday

25 March 2004 Thursday

  • Berlusconi Seeks a Media Group in Turkey
    Italian Prime Minister Berlusconis media group Mediaset announced that they were looking for media groups in different countries, including Turkey, for ......

24 March 2004 Wednesday

23 March 2004 Tuesday

22 March 2004 Monday

19 March 2004 Friday