28 November 2005 Monday

23 November 2005 Wednesday

  • Publisher Zarakolu Faces 6 Year In Prison
    International PEN, the International Publishers Association (IPA), and other international NGOs, including ARTICLE 19 and Human Rights Watch (HRW) denounce prosecution ......

21 November 2005 Monday

  • Womens Representation in Media Discussed
    Seventy-one reporters and NGO representatives from seven provinces attended the BIA² Seminar. The participants criticized womens misrepresentation and inadequate representation in ......

19 November 2005 Saturday

09 November 2005 Wednesday

25 October 2005 Tuesday

  • Intellectuals Denounce Dinks Punishment
    Intellectuals from Turkey and overseas join to denounce journalist Dinks sentencing of a suspended six months for belittling Turkish identity. This ......

21 October 2005 Friday

17 October 2005 Monday

  • We Own These Bodies...
    BIA² organized its third seminar on Womens Rights and Womens Rights Reporting in Eskisehir. Educators and media employees from the provinces ......
  • Newspaper Refuses to Pay Fine
    A public suit has been filed against Cumhuriyet newspaper publisher İlhan Selçuk, editor-in-chief Mehmet Sucu, and reporter Alper Turgut, for not ......
  • Honor Killing Brings Life Sentence
    The brothers of Güldünya Tören, who was murdered in an honor killing, have been found guilty of premeditated murder and of ......

14 October 2005 Friday

13 October 2005 Thursday

  • I Came as a Lady, Im Leaving as a Woman!
    Reporters from 31 local media in Adiyaman, Ardahan, Diyarbakir, Elazig, Erzincan, Gaziantep, Hakkari, Igdir, Malatya, Mardin, Mus, Siirt, Sivas, Sanliurfa, Sirnak, ......
  • CPJ Protests Against Sentencing of Dink
    US based journalists rights organization Committtee to Protect Journalists condemns the sentencing of ethnic Armenian journalist Hrant Dink for belittling Turkishness ......
  • Court Rejects Attempt to Shut LGBT Group
    The Public Prosecutors office has refused the Ankara Deputy Governors request to close the LGBT rights organization KAOS GL for being ......

12 October 2005 Wednesday

  • Rights Activists Confirm Gross Violations
    The Human Rights Foundation and representatives of the European Parliament reported rights violations--especially the mutilation of corpses--are occuring during military operations ......

10 October 2005 Monday

  • Accepting the Past Will Set Us Free
    Talin Suciyan reflects on the groundbreaking Armenian conference and the liberating effect that the open discussion of this history will have ......

07 October 2005 Friday

06 October 2005 Thursday

03 October 2005 Monday

30 September 2005 Friday

  • AI: Refugee Deported to Syria Suffers Torture
    Amnesty International-Turkey revealed that Syrian refugee Ahmet Muhammed İbrahim, who was deported from Turkey in March, has been tortured. AI charges ......
  • Womens Journalism Seminar in Ordu
    40 journalists from Ordu, Artvin, Çorum, Giresun, Bulancak, Şebinkarahisar, Kastamonu, Ereğli, Ünye, Samsun, Zonguldak, Trabzon and Kars attended the Womens Rights ......
  • Turkeys Feminists Challenge Bushs Envoy
    US Undersecretary of State Karen Hughes met with womens advocates in Ankara to promote the Bush administrations policy towards women in ......

28 September 2005 Wednesday

26 September 2005 Monday

  • Everyone Needs a Womens Viewpoint
    A total of 40 reporters from Ordu, Artvin, Corum, Giresun, Bulancak, ebinkarahisar, Kastamonu, Eregli, Unye, Samsun, Zonguldak, Trabzon and Kars met ......
  • 60,000 Farmers Protest in Manisa
    Farmers held a protest meeting in Manisa and said that because of government policies, they are earning less for their crops ......
  • Armenian Conference Held in Defiance of Court
    The conference on Ottoman Armenians during the Decline of Empire: Questions of Scholarly Responsibility and Democracy, was held at İstanbul Bilgi ......

23 September 2005 Friday

22 September 2005 Thursday

21 September 2005 Wednesday

20 September 2005 Tuesday

  • Wage Workers Divided on Turkeys EU Bid
    Study results reveal: in İstanbul,44 percent of laborers hold positive views of the EU and 41.1 percent hold negative views. Among ......
  • Istanbul Hosts EPA Meeting
    European Preparatory Assembly (EPA) of the European Social Forum convenes in Istanbul on Wednesday. Trade unionists, anti-war activists, womens organizations, environmentalists, ......

19 September 2005 Monday

07 September 2005 Wednesday

31 August 2005 Wednesday

29 August 2005 Monday

  • Ceasefire Positive but Short
    Representatives of political parties and non-governmental organizations said Kongra-Gels decision to halt violence for a month is a positive step toward ......
  • Women Preachers Educate Women
    According to the Office of Religious Affairs, the survival of the family depends on women receiving religious education. The office appointed ......
  • Children Shoulder Agriculture in Southeast
    In southeastern Turkey, some 90,000 children between the ages of 12 and 14, 50,000 of whom are girls, comprise part of ......
  • Human Rights NGOs Join Forces
    Five rights organizations, TIHV, IHD, Mazlum-Der, UAO and hYd, haveannounced the establishment of the Joint Platform for Human Rights. The platform ......

25 August 2005 Thursday

19 August 2005 Friday

17 August 2005 Wednesday

15 August 2005 Monday

10 August 2005 Wednesday

08 August 2005 Monday

04 August 2005 Thursday

29 July 2005 Friday

27 July 2005 Wednesday

  • Soldier Calls For Martial Law Again
    Tayfun Mater, contributor to the Intellectuals Declaration, says that the General Staff exceeds limits of authority with its combatant-view announcement, which ......

26 July 2005 Tuesday

  • War Means Rape and Death for Women
    The Istanbul Network of World March for Women drew attention to the rise of an anti-Kurdish and militarist climate in Turkey. ......
  • Kurdish Problem Again
    The new wave of violence is not something that may be comprehended and evaluated within the borders of Turkey. As PKK ......

25 July 2005 Monday

19 July 2005 Tuesday

18 July 2005 Monday

  • Only one out of Four Women has a Job
    Minister Cubukcu said womens transition from being unpaid laborers to paid laborers was a positive development. However, she added that low ......

12 July 2005 Tuesday

  • Honor Victim Goes to Shelter
    N.K. who was shot by her brother-in-law for allegedly having an affair while her husband served in the military, said she ......
  • Journalist Bogatekin was Acquitted
    Bogatekin, the owner of the Gerger Firat newspaper was acquitted in which he was tried for writing an article.In another trial, ......
  • Isolation at Prisons Should be Eliminated
    Health conditions at prisons should be improved and isolation should be eliminated, said the Istanbul Chamber of Physicians. The complaints of ......

04 July 2005 Monday

01 July 2005 Friday

29 June 2005 Wednesday

27 June 2005 Monday

21 June 2005 Tuesday

17 June 2005 Friday

16 June 2005 Thursday

  • Basic Education Up to the Charitable
    The government, via tax allowances, leaves it up to the charitable to provide basic education needs. Milliyet newspaper is organizing the ......

15 June 2005 Wednesday

13 June 2005 Monday

10 June 2005 Friday

  • Reporters Attacked in Istanbul
    DIHA Reporters Suna and Bozkurt were attacked by a group of extreme nationalists as they were covering a clash between leftist ......

09 June 2005 Thursday

07 June 2005 Tuesday

  • Media Just Exhibits Honor Crimes
    According to a research by the UNFPA media is acting irresponsibly in its coverage of honor crimes and only paying attention ......

31 May 2005 Tuesday

18 May 2005 Wednesday

09 May 2005 Monday

  • NGOs will Now Have Their Voices Heard!
    A total of 121 NGO representatives from 21 provinces attended BIA²s communication training seminar for rights organizations. NGOs, which criticized the ......

03 May 2005 Tuesday

28 April 2005 Thursday

26 April 2005 Tuesday

  • 1915s Memory Confuses Turks
    Turkish public gives vexed reactions regarding the heated debate on Armenian Question. While some propose: Lets recognize what had happened in ......
  • Women of Turkey-Greece Join World March
    The European leg of the Worlds Women March, that began on March 8 in Brazil for campaigning against gender based violence ......