10 December 2003 Wednesday

08 December 2003 Monday

  • Human Rights Record Still Bleak
    According to findings byTurkeys Human Rights Association (IHD), in spite of thorough reforms the number of torture and inhuman treatment cases ......

03 December 2003 Wednesday

  • 12th September on Trial Acquitted
    Ragip Zarakolu, owner of the Belge Publishing House was acquittted too. IPAs Alex.Krikorian and Kjell O. Jensen from Norvegian Pen attended ......

02 December 2003 Tuesday

  • IPA Attend Publisher Zarakolus Trial
    International publishers support turkish colleagues freedom to publish. Ragip Zarakolu is accused of incitement to hatred on the basis of class, ......

01 December 2003 Monday

24 November 2003 Monday

22 November 2003 Saturday

21 November 2003 Friday

  • Amnesty Condemns Bomb Attacks
    The deliberate killing of civilians has no justification and violates fundamental principles of international law, Amnesty International stressed. ...

20 November 2003 Thursday

  • 25 Killed, 390 Wounded in Two Blasts
    In two simultaneous explosions in HSBC Bank headquartes in Istanbuls financial district Levent and in the British Consulate in Beyoglu district ......

18 November 2003 Tuesday

  • K.D. is Dead
    She could not be salvaged. She was buried today after a ceremony organized by the Womens Platform. She was only 15. ......

17 November 2003 Monday

14 November 2003 Friday

13 November 2003 Thursday

  • Peace Desk Wasnt Understood
    Arpat from KATAGI, said the125 women, who now stand trial because they wanted to set up a Peace desk, could not ......
  • Earthquake Victims Detained
    The earthquake victims spent the fourth anniversary of the Marmara earthquake under detention in Ankara. They demand that the government allocates ......
  • Deporting Kurdish Boat PeopleArouses Protests
    Refugee support groups are calling the Australian governments success in towing a fishing boat carrying 14 Kurdish men from Turkey back ......

12 November 2003 Wednesday

11 November 2003 Tuesday

  • KADEK Dissolves
    The PKK changed its name to KADEK in April 2002 and vowed to pursue democratic means to resolve the conflict with ......

06 November 2003 Thursday

05 November 2003 Wednesday

04 November 2003 Tuesday

28 October 2003 Tuesday

  • Journalist Jailed for Second Time
    journalist Kara, who was incarcerated yesterday in Urla prison to begin serving a one-year prison sentence passed in June by Turkeys ......
  • US&UK War Crimes Wil Be Tried
    The idea of bringing the US&UK war crimes to international justice gains international support. An international group of jurists, scholars and ......

27 October 2003 Monday

  • Annul the Motion for Women
    Womens Commission of the Bar Association demanded that Turkish troops are not sent to Iraq and that womens rights of equality, ......

24 October 2003 Friday

22 October 2003 Wednesday

  • EU Formula for Unemployment
    The implementation of the Active Labour Market Strategy Programme has now started. 40 Million Euro EU support is available for the ......

20 October 2003 Monday

17 October 2003 Friday

16 October 2003 Thursday

15 October 2003 Wednesday

14 October 2003 Tuesday

  • Court Says Websites Insult Army
    According to an Ankara Court decision, the websites of the weekly Ekmek ve Adalet magazine and the daily Ozgur Politika newspaper ......

13 October 2003 Monday

10 October 2003 Friday

08 October 2003 Wednesday

06 October 2003 Monday

01 October 2003 Wednesday

30 September 2003 Tuesday

29 September 2003 Monday

26 September 2003 Friday

25 September 2003 Thursday

23 September 2003 Tuesday

22 September 2003 Monday

19 September 2003 Friday

11 September 2003 Thursday

  • Scary Results of Income Survey
    According to a survey by the Ankara Chamber of Commerce, the gap between income groups in Turkey, has widened. While middle-class ......

10 September 2003 Wednesday

  • Stop Combat Preparations Urge Kurdish
    Thirteen local Human Rights Assocaiton leaders pointed to the increasing number of human rights violations in eastern and southeastern Turkey. They ......

22 July 2003 Tuesday

  • Ocalan Proposes New Plan
    Abdullah Ocalan, imprisoned Kurdish guerrilla PKK/KADEK leader, urges the government exile himself and declare amnesty for the Kurdish fighters for arriving ......

18 July 2003 Friday

  • Controversial Arrest of Rights Activist
    Ms. Sevim Yetkiner, local Human Rights Association branch chair arrested under controversial circumstances. The activist is charged with supporting the guerrilla ......

17 July 2003 Thursday

  • Joint Statement by US-TR Fact Finding Team
    The US side noted the Turkish concerns related to the kind of treatment its military personnel were subjected to during the ......
  • Singer Tunc Freed
    Singer Tunc is released. The other artists, singer Rojin and stand-up showman Batki, who performed in the same festival, are sentenced ......

15 July 2003 Tuesday

  • Intellectuals Call For a General Amnesty
    121 Turkish intellectuals, of whom 12 of whom are women, including Yurdatapan, Kanar, Öndul, Kurkcu, Kocali, Kemal, Kaplan, Duran, Zarakolu called ......
  • Honor Killings in Turkey
    Last month a woman named Semse Allak was buried in a corner of a municipal cemetery here. She, unmarried and pregnant, ......

11 July 2003 Friday

  • A Tougher Future for Emigrants
    Situation for immigrants in Germany becomes even more difficult as the Federal Assembly ratifies The Immigration Draft Bill, which was previously ......

10 July 2003 Thursday

09 July 2003 Wednesday

  • Folk Singer Tunc Arrested
    Human rights activist folk singer Ferhat Tunc is arrested under southeastern Dogubeyazit local court decision in the southwestern district of Milas ......
  • What Were Turkish Soldiers Doing in Iraq?
    ODP vice chair Turkmen said: Turkish public remains uninformed of on the issue of what Turkish soldiers are doing in Suleymaniye. ......
  • Deep State VS. U.S. Intelligence
    Why were the Turkish forces there, asked engineer Mater about the detentions in northern Iraq. The US acted before the Turkish ......

07 July 2003 Monday

27 June 2003 Friday

  • Reforms are Good But...
    Reforms are good but we need to see the effects,said Kretschmer, the European Union Commissionsrepresentative to Turkey, who visited the waterpurification ......

25 June 2003 Wednesday

24 June 2003 Tuesday

23 June 2003 Monday

  • A Kurdish MP Leyla Zana in Prison
    WiPC, International PEN campaigns on the imprisonment of the Kurdish politician Zana, whose case the WiPC has recently adopted, having established ......

18 June 2003 Wednesday

13 June 2003 Friday

06 May 2003 Tuesday

05 May 2003 Monday