Loggerhead Cubs Meet with Sea in Antalya

Two nests opened in Çıralı beach in Antalya, 116 Loggerhead cubs have reached the sea.

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Loggerhead (Caretta Caretta) cubs getting out of the nest have reached the sea in Çıralı beach in Antalya province.

According to a report by Levent Yenigün from the Doğan News Agency (DHA), Ulupınar Environment Protection Development and Operation Cooperative members and Ulupınar village chief Habip Altınkaya opened two nests in Çıralı beach.

80 cubs of out the 99 eggs in the nest No. 26 and 36 cubs out of the 77 eggs in the nest No. 20 reached the sea.

Tourists watch the Caretta Caretta’s efforts to reach the sea with interest and took photos.

There are 74 Caretta Caretta nests

Chief village Altınkaya said that there are 74 Caretta Caretta nests in Çıralı beach, 16 of them were opened and even though there are few nests this year, the number of eggs in the nest showed an increase compared to last year.

Altınkaya said:

“People become more aware when the news about Caretta Caretta are reported in the media. The people having their holiday here wake up in the early morning hours watching the cubs leaving their nests, which contribute in tourism”.

140 cubs reached the sea in Akyatan

In the previous days, sea turtle cubs had reached the sea in Akyatan.

WWF Turkey had announced that first cubs of the season got out of the nest on July 24. (ÇT/TK)

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10 August 2017, Thursday