Demonstration Ban in Van

Holding demonstrations and making statements for press have been banned for 30 days in Turkey’s eastern province of Van. The ban does not apply to the election works and the events held by governmental agencies.

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The Governorship of Van has announced that demonstrations and events in Turkey's eastern province of Van have been banned for 30 days. The ban does not cover the election works.

In the statement published on the official website of the Governorship, it has been stated that the ban will be in effect as of tomorrow (May 29). The justification for the ban has been indicated as "to ensure peace and security."

In the statement, it has been stated,

"All demonstrations and events in the form of giving statements for the press, setting up tents, opening stands, staging sit-in protest and commemorations etc. have been banned as of 29.05.2018." (AS/SD)

İstanbul - BIA News Desk

28 May 2018, Monday